Exchange 2010 – Database copy has been blocked from activation on server by an administrative action

There is a bug in Exchange 2010 SP2 that has yet to be addressed in any of the Update Rollups, including Update Rollup 5v2. When attempting to move an active database copy to another mailbox server, the following error can be produced for no reason whatsoever. All passive database copies can be in perfect health with copy and replay queue lengths at zero and this error can still occur.

Move Active Database Failure

All that is needed to resolve this is to suspend the database copy on the server you wish to activate the database on, resume the copy and then move your active database. In our case, we would suspend DB3 on MBX-01, wait for it to reach its suspended state, then resume it. Once it is healthy again, attempt your active database move and it will succeed.

Microsoft, please fix this.

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5 Responses to Exchange 2010 – Database copy has been blocked from activation on server by an administrative action

  1. Mr Exchange says:

    I have noticed this as well after running DAG server maintenance scripts. This error was encountered, as you would expect, after attempting a DB activation in the EMC and using the Redistribute Databases script. I noticed that the server had an activation block set where the Database Auto Activation Policy was set to BLOCKED, but I encountered this issue even after changing it manually back to UNRESTRICED. This does appear to be a bug, but will continue testing. Your workaround worked for me as well. Haven’t checked yet to see if this is addressed in Service Pack 3.

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks, your fix actions worked.

  3. Funny. I never ran into this with SP2. Tonight, performing my usual monthly Windows Update routines on our 2 DB and 2 CAS/HUB servers (SP3, UR7), the issue came up for the first time. After researching the issue for a couple of hours, I found your blog. I was quite relieved to find your fix. Thanks!

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